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Have you ever dreamed of watching the northern lights ? 

How to combine luxury and immersive experience ? How to discover Iceland and its culture with a new perspective ? Those are the questions we asked ourselves to create our hotel.

This hotel will be located at 50 min from the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik. Far away from the city and light pollution, it will be a place of relaxation to reconnect with nature and observe the beauty of the sky, feet on the ground and head in the stars.

Iceland was born of travels and legends that continue to this day. Carved in stone, leather or on the facades of the monuments, the runes, these characters formerly forming the alphabet of the Nordic countries, are part of the heritage of the country. That’s why we chose "Vegvisir" for the name of our hotel. Vegvisir is the rune that guides travellers. A landmark like the Shepherd’s Star, which will guide people to our hotel.

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