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Victoria Misu

Branding, Logotype, Packaging, Art Direction 


Victoria Misu

Since her beginning on Instagram in late 2018, Victoria Misu has been careful to turn her publications into works of art. The light of her portraits is always meticulously cared for and she strives to share her passion for painting with her followers. 

The young woman enjoys posing inside frames, to the point of staging herself there to rethink masterpieces of pictorial art and create original living paintings. With an always special concern for the light and details of her productions, Victoria Misu becomes, in video and in photo, a Girl with a pearl, a metaphor of the "light of the lotus of Chinese folklore" or the deity Persephone.

The artist likes to play with the reflections of different mirrors and chooses a music that perfectly fits the atmosphere she creates, in order to invite several senses to enjoy her show. His profile, filled with moving paintings, takes on the appearance of a living museum. Victoria Misu reigns as an artistic chameleon, to the delight of her subscribers.

So I thought about a logo and a brand image that would fit well with the visual identity of this inspiring artist. I transcribed the idea of the frame, the mirror and reused the dominant main colors in the world of Victoria Misu, and created a strong identity, diverted on different media. The artist, working a lot around the flowers, I designed a box in which are two vases with the image created for her. I also made the design of a classic business card, and a limited edition, more original, in the form of a seed bag. So, in addition to keeping in touch with Victoria Misu, people can begin to grow and develop, along with their relationship with the artist, the seeds of flowers that were offered to them.

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