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Immersive museum

Branding, Packaging, Concept Creation,

Event, Art Direction 


Works of art -Shoplifter, Carsten Höller, Maurice Agis, Verner Panton,  Adela Andea,  Dr. Seuss, Miguel Chevalier, Valentino Vettori,

Bruce Riley, Maria Brookes, Antonio Arico, Elena Salmistraro, Marcantonio, Valentina Fontana

Lewis Carroll

"Enter a whole new universe, discover a fantastic, disproportionate world and live an extraordinary experience.

Between dreamlike travel and childhood, let yourself be carried away by this out of time psychedelic place."

This new fully immersive museum inspired by the world of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll will not leave you indifferent.  The museum draws its inspiration from this novel in the idea of entering another world and at the level of the colorial and fantastic universe, poetic, almost hypnotic, as well as in the idea of the return to lost childhood, dream and dreamlike journey and differences in scale and size.

The museum, which is called “On the Other Side of the Mirror”, will highlight many artists from around the world. An event that will gather multiple immersive art works, in which visitors can walk. For this first edition, a selection of artists has already been made. They include Shoplifter, Adela Andea, Carsten Höller, and of course, Verner Panton, the main artist of this first exhibition.

The visit will take place in small groups, and will begin with an entrance airlock in which will be arranged two large faces, with the mouth open in mirror, inspired by the work Mata&Grifo and Scocca by Antonio Arico, Elena Salmistraro, Marcantonio and Valentina Fontana Castiglioni. After having swallowed a candy in the image of the museum, proposed by a speaker, (not obligatory), in reference to the biscuits of Alice in Wonderland, one of the two mirrors will open, and the visitors will be able to enter. They will then enter a large room, and follow the path formed by the works. They will find themselves in a colorful universe, out of time, where scales will be questioned. A psychedelic place, which will wonder about what the candy contained  (just sugar of course). At the exit, visitors will use the mirror mouth opposite that of the entrance. 

A recognizable identity and logo have been created for the museum. For the visuals, a marie-louise and a typographic game is constantly coming back. In the Marie-Louises, works of «psychedelic painting» by Bruce Riley and Maria Brookes are related to the works of the museum and the idea of microscopic and macroscopic, and changes of scale.

Go to the other side of the mirror, and discover this whole new universe.

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