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6 month internship -
Kilometre Paris

Branding, Page Layout, Event Organisation, Scenography, Shop Window Decor, Art Direction 


Kilometre Paris

Some pictures by Michel Figuet

Goliath Dyevre

Épicerie l'idéal



Jane de Boy

In March 2021 I started my adventure aboard the agency Kilometre Paris, a French brand that embroiders the journey, founded in 2005 by Alexandra Senes, former journalist, and globetrotter. 

It offers collections embroidered by hand by Mexican and Indian artisans. Each piece is inspired by a place, a souvenir or an excursion, and is illustrated by selected artists. The gps coordinates of the place often dress sleeves, collars, pockets… During my time at Kilometre Paris, I had the chance to work with designers from all over the world.

I was responsible for the «Travel shop», the new place of sale and meeting of Kilometre Paris, located at 22G rue du Vertbois, in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris. From the composition of the shop window, to the presentation of the brand and the sale of the items, including the stock, the reception of the customers (BtoB and BtoC) as in an airplane, and the contact with the exhibiting partners, I was what was called «the resident» of the travel shop. I also had the honour of participating in the implementation of the whatizis app, an app that allows to know the history of the unique pieces present in the travel shop by scanning them.

At the same time, I was entrusted with many creative missions, creating bags and bandanas, color charters, changing the design of shirts and jackets, creating newsletters, press kits for Kilometre Paris and for some of their customers, guides, and a poster for the announcement of the Kilometre Tour. It is then displayed in the Travel shop and at each of the destinations of the Kilometre Tour, and also painted by hand by an artist, then cut into pieces to make business cards.

I also helped organize the launch party for the Vertbois neighbourhood. Communication, information, posters with qr codes leading to interviews of merchants, display of a lottery on the street…

A journey full of emotions and experience.