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Photography, Video Editing, Art Direction 


Music - created from the sound Signal by Superpoze

This photographic series revolving around architecture follows a problematic related to immensity. The immensity of the architecture itself, and that of the sky. An immensity accentuated by the often counter-diving shots. To this is added a marine atmosphere, whether through colors or shapes with these buildings reminiscent of waves or at the front of a boat. 

I chose to present this series on display but also in video. The video is a way for me to emphasize the story I want to tell. This one is mounted on a remix that I made from the sound Signal by Superpoze, on which I added bird songs and gull calls. 

Indeed, throughout the video, we witness the awakening of birds. It begins in a very grey and heavy atmosphere, and gradually moves towards something lighter, until the birds fly away. 

This series was taken in 2021, during a long period of confinement, curfew and distancing. For me, these photographs allowed me to escape during these events. All the elements I have put forward are elements of openness and evasion. Escape leaves the immensity of the sky, escape through the birds that hover above all this situation, escape leaves the marine side that evokes the ocean, departures on vacation.

But it also emphasizes the situation that we had at the time, and the fact that we were locked up, locked up in our homes, locked up by borders etc. In my photos, we look at the sky, we watch the birds fly freely, we look at the waves of buildings, but in the end there are these walls of buildings that bring us back to reality and confinement. We are only watching the freedom to come, which we do not have at the moment, but which is gradually getting closer to us.